The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 includes a provision calling for an annual review of Cook Inlet RCAC’s activities by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). The recertification process is designed to ensure that Cook Inlet RCAC is meeting the mandates spelled out in OPA 90 and is representing the interests of the communities within the vicinity of the terminal operations.

In 2002, the USCG revised the recertification process, proposing a comprehensive review of Cook Inlet RCAC every three years. Both parties agreed that this plan would allow the Coast Guard to make a better determination about the Council’s effectiveness.

In the intervening years between the triennial comprehensive reviews, a letter to the USCG requesting recertification and noting any substantial changes will suffice. The letter is accompanied by the Annual Report, annual financial statement, and budget. This allows the USCG to evaluate the Council’s performance on an annual basis, but removes the burden of having to deal with a large amount of unnecessary paperwork. Please contact our office at (907) 283-7222 for a copy of the current recertification application or click the links below to download the PDFs.


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