2024 Newsletters

May – Volunteers recognized at Annual Meeting; Scholarship winners announced; new tsunami maps discussed at Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee meeting

February – CIRCAC presents at Alaska Forum on the Environment; April Board meeting announcement; Scholarship applications open

2023 Newsletters

November – Pre-Winter Planning meeting in Seward; CIRCAC Board and Committee members participate in Marathon training drill; Tim Robertson (Nuka Research) named Legacy Award Winner

September – CIRCAC staff attend USCG Change of Command Ceremony; CIRCAC Board meets in Homer; Kenai Industry Appreciation Day

July – Staff and Board members participate in orientation and tour at CISPRI; new website launches; Annual Report available

April – CIRCAC Elections Certified; Volunteers recognized; 2023 Scholarship winners announced

2022 Newsletters

  • November – Pre-Winter Planning meeting held in Seward; CIRCAC/Marathon AVTEC Scholarship winner announced; December Board meeting announcement
  • October – CIRCAC Board meets in Seldovia; Staff participate in Marathon drill; we spotlight Board member Walt Sonen
  • July – CIRCAC earns USCG recertification; Field work resumes; 30th Anniversary of HB 567; September Board meeting announcement
  • April – Scholarship winners announced; Board of Directors says a partial goodbye to Molly McCammon and welcomes Hans Rodvik; details from the April Board of Directors meeting; Board member spotlight: Carla Stanley; remembering Rep. Don Young.

2021 Newsletters

  • December – Update from the Board of Directors; Scholarship applications now open; Glacier Oil and Gas resumes operations
  • November – ADEC opens public comment period for proposed regulatory changes; BOEM opens public comment period for proposed Cook Inlet Lease Sale; Randolf Yost jack-up rig departs Cook Inlet; F/V Laura incident repsonse; Scholarship applications open
  • October – CIRCAC Science Director named Legacy Award winner; BOEM announces upcoming public comment period for federal lease sale in Cook Inlet; Hilcorp completes pipeline work; CIRCAC secures BOEM grant
  • United States Coast Guard Recertification
  • May – Scholarship winners announced; HB 104 update; Hilcorp begins pipeline work
  • April – Report from April Board of Directors meeting; Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee meeting and update; USCG annual address
  • January– Happy New Year from the CIRCAC Board of Directors; annual scholarship program open for applications; CISPRI invests in response capacity

2020 Newsletters

  • November – Barge 141 update; BOEM citizen science program; Board of Directors Update; CIRCAC staffing changes
  • September – CIRCAC granted recertification by U.S. Coast Guard; Update about Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation regulatory review; August Council meeting summary; Review of operations during COVID-19;
  • August – No newsletter
  • July – We welcome U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Leanne Lusk to her new position in command of Anchorage Sector; an update on the GRID system; new committee chairs announced.
  • June – CIRCAC’s triennial recertification process gets underway; we remember former CIRCAC Director James Showalter; Lynda Giguere, Public Outreach Director since 2012 says goodbye; Glacier Energy suspends Cook Inlet operations.
  • May – No newsletter this month
  • April – We welcome Scott Arndt to the Board of Directors, representing the Kodiak Island Borough. Scholarship winners announced and ADEC releases the public comments submitted for its public scoping process for oil spill regulations.
  • March – Board President John Williams offers his thoughts on plans to roll back oil spill prevention and response regulations in Alaska and we meet our new Director of Public Outreach, Shaylon Cochran. You can comment on the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation’s public scoping process for oil spill regulations here. And, the deadline to apply for CIRCAC scholarships is quickly approaching. Apply now.

2019 Newsletters

  • December – Update from the Board of Directors, Hilcorp/Harvest Alaska commemorates the ongoing decommissioning of the Drift River Oil Terminal, AVTEC issues first CIRCAC/Marathon Scholarship, CIRCAC accepting applications for 2020 Scholarships
  • November – (No Newsletter this month.)
  • October – CIRCAC issues a call to action regarding a State initiative to overhaul oil spill prevention and response laws, Cook Inlet Harbor Safety News, USCG seeks comments on broadcasts system, upcoming events.
  • September – Update from the Board of Directors including Hilcorp operations, US Coast Guard overview and Nuka Research as well as staff reports
  • August – CIRCAC recertified, announces new scholarship at AVTEC, recounts RCAC history at Clean Pacific, to meet in Seldovia in September, ice cameras get much needed upgrades, Committee updates
  • July – No newsletter this month.
  • June – CIRCAC applies for recertification, meet EMC Public Member Dan Urban, CIRCAC participates in two-day drills in May, Oil Spill data available, Kodiak Chamber announces new Executive Director, calendar of events
  • May (No Newsletter this month)
  • April – Update from the Executive Director, CIRCAC announces appointments and elections, CIRCAC names 2019 scholarship recipients, CIRCAC announces 2018 Annual Report
  • March – Expert panel named for Pipeline Assessment project; RCA approves Drift River dismantlement; CIRCAC will hold Annual and Regular meeting in Kenai.
  • February – New appointments at ADEC, CIRCAC supports US Coast Guard funding, Alaska Forum on the Environment, CIRCAC accepting applications to serve on Committees
  • January (No newsletter this month)

2018 Newsletters

  • December – Update from the Board; CIRCAC reaches goals; Mariners train at AVTEC; Andeavor drill tests vessel plan; Pacific Marine Expo
  • November – (No newsletter this month)
  • October – CIRCAC celebrates completion of Cross Inlet subsea pipeline; meet Jim McHale with our PROPS Committee, CIRCAC and ADEC seek experts for Pipeline Infrastructure Risk Assessment panel
  • September – CIRCAC recognized with US Coast Guard Meritorious Public Service Award, supports research to learn more about oil behavior and marine snow
  • August – CIRCAC helps students learning about ocean currents, staff and directors travel to Beluga for Cross Inlet subsea pipeline update, News, and Upcoming Events
  • July (No newsletter this month)
  • June – ADEC makes changes to oil spill drills, Drift River Oil Terminal to be dismantled, meet Dick Prentki, PROPS Committee tours IBRC
  • May – Meet Robert Peterkin, II, CIRCAC applies for recertification, KPB Alert System, US Coast Guard Change of Command
  • April – Update from the Board, CIRCAC awards Scholarships, 2017 Annual Report, Board and Committees appointments
  • March (no newsletter this month)
  • February – Meet Kyle Crow, representing the Kodiak Island Borough; CIRCAC and PWSRCAC staff get a tour of Marine Exchange of Alaska in Juneau
  • January – CIRCAC releases self-arrest study, Andeavor invests in simulator training, CIRCAC accepting scholarships

2017 Newsletters

  • January – HSC seeks applicants, apply for CIRCAC scholarship, Board update, tourism group expanded
  • February – Alaska Forum on the Environment, HSC News Update
  • April – Annual Report, KPTMC joins CIRCAC, Board Update, Kodiak student awarded scholarship
  • May – CIRCAC applies for recertification, Hilcorp plans subsea pipeline, Reutov awarded scholarship
  • July – Coast Guard accepting comments on CIRCAC recertification
  • August – BlueCrest facility tour, USCG Change of Command, CIRCAC provides insights on dispersants, volunteering makes a difference
  • September – Board of Directors Meeting, no newsletter
  • October – Message from the Executive Director, meet Paul Shadura, CIRCAC participating in upcoming drill
  • November – CIRCAC welcomes new Tourism groups, participates in Andeavor drill exercise, accepting scholarship applications
  • December – Message from the Executive Director, Pacific Marine Expo

2016 Newsletters

  • January – Saupe wins Ocean Leadership Award, meet Deric Marcorelle,, CIRCAC accepting scholarship applications, upcoming elections
  • February – Artists paint ShoreZone, meet scholarship receipient, ADEC wants to improve how we train for drills, new dispersant guidelines
  • April – CIRCAC reviews strengthen C-plans, improving oil spill response with GRID, meet Annie Looman, ComFish Recap
  • May – Update from Board of Directors, meet Molly McCammon, CIRCAC welcomes new committee members, CIRCAC conducting ShoreZone ground surveys
  • July – USCG Change of Command, Harbor Safety Committee update, meet Scott Smiley
  • August – Message from Executive Director, meet Walt Sonen, Board to meet in Seldovia
  • October – Meet Gary Fandrei, update from the Board, Regional Stakeholders Committee stays put for now
  • November – Meet Rob Lindsey, CIRCAC announces 25th Anniversary Report, Harbor Safety Committee update, apply for a CIRCAC scholarship

2015 Newsletters

  • January – CIRCAC celebrating 25 years, AFE holding sessions on spill risk and community involvement in oil spill response, Alaska Marine Science Symposium, meet Bob Flint
  • February – Looking back, ShoreZone: CIRCAC pilot project success story, Kachemak Bay Science Conference, CIRCAC welcomes new stakeholder group
  • March – 25th Anniversary reception, CIRCAC launches scholarship program, Cook Inlet Eneregy submits voluntary pipeline report
  • April – 2014 Annual Report, Board update, Harbor Safety Committee seeking public input, Alaska Legislature honors CIRCAC
  • May – Harbor Safety Committee invites applications for membership
  • June – Scholarship honors James Carter, oil spill drills, in the field, Harbor Safety Committee extends application deadline
  • July – Recent field work, USCG Change of Command, ADEC reorganizes Division of Spill Prevention and Response, CIRCAC to serve as voting member on Harbor Safety Committee
  • September – CIRCAC is recertified to 2016, subarea planning, Alaska Regional Response Team and Harbor Safety Committee meet in September, meet Michael Opheim
  • October – Alaska SeaLife Center and Seldovia Oil Spill Response team up to protect wildlife, Harbor Safety Committee schedules next meeting, ICS training offered in Seldovia, Hilcorp acquires XTO Energy
  • November – Meet Vaito’a Heaven, preview of Board of Directors meeting, Kenai River ice camera

2014 Newsletters

  • January – New website, 2014 elections, board presentations
  • February – ShoreZone exhibits the Arctic, CIRCAC welcomes new members, elections are soon
  • March – Cook Inlet 25 years after the spill, industry partners get CIRT-ified, AK oil spill symposium, CIRCAC monitors lease sale
  • April – 2013 Annual Report, recep of recent activities, Board appointments
  • May – USCG briefs board on Kuluk response, IOSC gathers world’s experts in oil spill response and technology, CIRA update, welcome new ex officio
  • June – USCG Change of Command, USCG accepting public comment for CIRCAC recertification, rule-making, making waves
  • July – support for CIRCAC’s recertification, ShoreZone gets well-deserved press, focus on John Williams, fieldwork update
  • August – CIRCAC Recertified, PROPS committee update, Cook Inlet Risk Assessment Advisory Panel to hold final meeeting, board heading to Kodiak
  • September – Update from the Executive Director on Board activities and risk assessment
  • October – Oil spill response forum, Harbor Safety Committee, meet Carla Stanley
  • December – Board update, message from Executive Director, Season’s Greetings

2013 Newsletters

  • January – Tesoro delivers ice-worthy tugs, Buccaneer fields questions, AOOS launches response tool
  • February – Update from Executive Director, volunteer, public engagement
  • March – Risk assessment update, meet Grace Merkes, jack-up rig gets ABS certification
  • May – New skimmer light years ahead, PROPS committee tours Overseas Martinez
  • June – Drills, ADEC update, CIRCAC comments on permits
  • July – Bob Franco christened, new public members, risk assessment update
  • August – CIRCAC recertified, PROPS tours ice desk, risk assessment update
  • September – Board of Directors Meeting edition
  • November – New tug goes to work, harbor safety committee launched