Gary Fandrei

(President) Aquaculture Associations

John Williams

(Vice President) City of Kenai

Deric Marcorelle

(Secretary/Treasurer) Environmental Interests Group

Robert Peterkin, II

Tourism Interests Group

Paul Shadura

Commercial Fishing Interests Group

OPA 90 also calls for the inclusion of non-voting Ex-Officio members, representing various state and federal agencies.

  • Capt. Christopher Culpepper – United States Coast Guard
  • Robert Whittier – Environmental Protection Agency
  • Dr. Heather Crowley – United States Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
  • Kara Kusche – Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Jonathon Schick – Alaska Department of Natural Resources
  • Liza Sanden – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Kevin Reeve – Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
  • Brian Blossom – Alaska Department of Fish and Game
  • Anthony Strupulis – State Pipeline Coordinator’s Office
  • Carey Case  – United States Forest Service