Note: Materials produced during drills and exercises will be posted here. These may include spill scenarios, media releases, situation reports, maps, statements and other emergency information that are being produced and disseminated by the Joint Information Center for the drill, not as part of an actual event. (Photo by Steve “Vinnie” Catalano)

2020 Drills and Exercises

  • April 29 and 30, Hilcorp Alaska Functional Drill and Deployment

2019 Drills and Exercises

  • May 2 and 3 Cook Inlet Exploration, Harvest Plan Tabletop
  • October 24 Marathon Endeavor

2018 Drills and Exercises

  • March 21 Bluecrest Energy Exercise
  • June 6 Hilcorp Cook Inlet Spill Exercise
  • June 7 Harvest Midstream Spill Exercise
  • August 14 Andeavor/Tesoro Anchorage Terminal Plan
  • September 12 Glacier Oil IMT
  • November 15 Andeavor/Tesoro Cook Inlet Vessel Plan