Cook Inlet RCAC plays a major role at oil spill drills and at actual spills. We monitor activities and act as liaison between spill management, government representatives, and concerned local citizens by communicating information through our community and interest-group representatives on our Board. We play a major role in keeping the public informed about the progress of the actual spill or spill scenario, and on planned actions. Cook Inlet RCAC has:

  • Participated in over one hundred table-top drills, on-water deployments, worst-case scenarios, tanker arrest and towing, and special equipment testing demonstrations. Staff observes and advises at most levels of the Incident Command System.
  • Hosted public meetings where concerned citizens could hear directly from Incident Commanders and receive summaries of decisions and activities – after heavy ice caused a crack in the hull of the T/V Chesapeake Trader; when the T/V Seabulk Pride was ripped from its Nikiski dock in heavy ice conditions; and when the storage tanks at Drift River were threatened by Mt. Redoubt Volcano lahars.
  • Reviewed an analysis of prevention and response system in Cook Inlet that included confidential interviews of government, industry, and oil spill recovery organization (OSRO) personnel and independent consultants. The results showed a near unanimous agreement that Cook Inlet RCAC played a positive role in contingency plan reviews and at spills and drills.
Spill Responders
Spill responders working to protect a creek during a spill drill.