Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee Managing Board extends deadline to apply for membership

This application period is now closed.

June 9, 2015–The Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee Managing Board is extending the solicitation for applications for membership on the Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee until July 1, 2015 for the following voting member seats:

  • Commercial Fishing Organization
  • Environmental Organization
  • Marine Oil Terminal Operators
  • Tanker Operators
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier Operators
  • Dry Cargo Ship Operators
  • Cruise Ship Operators
  • Small Passenger Vessel Operators
  • Ferry Operators
  • Tug and Barge Operators
  • Harbor Tug Operators
  • Offshore Oil Production Operators
  • Recreational Boaters
  • Southwest Alaska Pilots Association
  • Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Council
  • Port of Anchorage
  • Port MacKenzie
  • Port of Homer
  • Response/Salvage Organization
  • Ship Agents

In order to qualify as a member for seats (a), (d), (e), (f), (g), (h), (i), (j), (k), and (n) an individual must have maritime expertise as documented by one of the following:

  1. Has held or currently holds a Merchant Officer’s credential,
  2. Has held or currently holds a position on a commercial vessel that includes navigational responsibility, or
  • Has or currently holds a position in a company that operates commercial marine vessels in Cook Inlet.

Individuals with onboard navigational experience will be given preference.

In order to qualify as a member for seats (b), (c), (l), (m), (o), (p), (q), (r), (s), and (t) an individual must reside in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, Municipality of Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula Borough, or another Alaska community that is contiguous to Cook Inlet and present evidence that they are a member or employee of an organization that represents their stakeholder group.

The Managing Board will appoint a primary and alternate member for each seat. The member and alternate are charged with broadly representing their stakeholder group’s interests. In order to provide effective representation, they are expected to communicate between themselves and with other members of their respective stakeholder group.

Qualified individuals interested in applying for seat on the Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee should submit a Letter of Interest and resume via email or fax no later than Wednesday, July 1, 2015.   Applicants should indicate which seat(s) they would like to fill and explain their qualifications for their intended seat(s). Applications can be emailed to: or faxed to: (240) 368-7467.

Notification of the selections will be made on July 7, 2015.

Persons that have already submitted an application do not need to reapply.

The first meeting of the HSC is being rescheduled and will be announced at a later date. Thanks for your interest in this important committee.