Long Range Plan

On November 29, 2018, the Board of Directors of the Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council met in Anchorage, Alaska to update the Council’s performance against the existing 5-year strategic plan and consider modifying that plan for the future.

The Board noted progress in achieving priority goals set out in 2013 and modified the existing 5-Year Strategic Plan, with the goal of making broader revisions in 2019.

Status of Priority Council Goals

Five years ago, we set out to accomplish a set of goals as part of our Strategic Plan. We were gratified to see we’ve met most of them, including:

  • Changes and amendments to OPA 90 to improve CIRCAC funding formula; providing more certainty to achieve our long term goals
  • Comprehensive Cook Inlet Navigation Risk Assessment
  • Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee (a priority recommendation of the Navigation Risk Assessment).
  • Harvest Alaska’s decision to build a Cross-Inlet Subsea Pipeline to replace crude oil tankers transporting oil from Drift River; which we advocated for in our 2012 Drift River Oil Terminal Position Paper, and which was subsequently supported by the Cook Inlet Navigational Risk Assessment
  • Obtained funding and Initiated first steps for a Cook Inlet Pipeline Infrastructure Risk Assessment
  • Compiled detailed habitat data for all shorelines in our areas of concern; continued integration with Alaska ShoreZone and AOOS; and actively facilitating use of ShoreZone imagery and data in oil spill planning and response
  • Partnership with Alaska Ocean Observing System (AOOS) to make CIRCAC data more available and integrated with other spatial data; examples include the integrated layers in the Cook Inlet Response Tool, the Geographic Response Information Database (GRID), and compilation of Cook Inlet oceanographic and contaminant data for on-line access (ongoing).

NOTE: Former “Goals” in the previous Strategic Plan become “Strategies”.

It is the Council’s objective to review its Long Range Plan every year.

Click here to download the 2014-2019 Strategic Plan.