Environmental Monitoring Committee

The Environmental Monitoring Committee (EMC) is tasked by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 to conduct a monitoring program that provides early detection of any environmental effects due to oil industry operations in Cook Inlet and to determine whether oil industry operations are causing adverse impacts to Cook Inlet’s ecosystem. The Committee formulates advice and recommendations for the Board of Directors. Committee members generally have a background in science and work together with staff to advance projects and facilitate communications among citizens, regulatory groups, special interest groups, and industry.

Council Members

  • Chair – Molly McCammon
  • Michael Opheim
  • Carla Stanley
  • Deric Marcorelle

Public Members

  • Vice Chair – Dr. Eric Klein (reappointed 2018)
  • Richard Prentki (reappointed 2018)
  • Rick Frederic
  • Dan Urban
  • Ginny Litchfield (appointed 2018)
  • A. Bruce Magyar (reappointed 2019)
  • Robert Reges (reappointed 2019)
  • John Morton (appointed 2020)

For EMC Documents, visit our Library.

Staff contact: Sue Saupe, Director of Science and Research, (907) 283-7222

Prevention, Response, Operations & Safety (PROPS) Committee

The primary focus of the Prevention, Response, Operations, & Safety (PROPS) Committee is to review and assess measures designed to prevent oil spills and the planning and preparedness for responding to, containing, cleaning up, and mitigating impacts of oil spills. The Committee formulates advice and recommendations for the Board of Directors. Committee members and staff work together to advance projects and facilitate communications among citizens, regulatory groups, special interest groups, and industry, often applying their experience with the regulatory process, oil facility operations, or maritime issues.

Council Members

  • Chair – Bob Flint
  • Rob Lindsey
  • Michael Opheim
  • Deric Marcorelle
  • Carla Stanley
  • Walt Sonen

Public Members

  • Vice Chair – James McHale
  • Ted Moore (reappointed 2019)
  • Scott Hamann (reappointed 2019)
  • Jan Hansen (reappointed 2018)
  • John Bauer
  • Steven Lufkin (reappointed 2018)
  • Captain Bob Pawlowski (reappointed 2018)
  • Robert Reges, Jr. (reappointed 2019)

PROPS Public Member Bios

For PROPS Documents, visit our Library.

Staff Contact: Steve “Vinnie” Catalano, (907) 283-7222

The EMC and PROPS Committees meet at least three times per year and are made up of both Directors and Public Members. Up to eight public members–volunteers from the community at large–serve three-year, staggered terms.

Protocol Control Committee

The Protocol Control Committee is a technical committee comprised of at least five members from the Board of Directors. The Committee develops comments and recommendations to State and Federal agencies regarding regulatory issues, such as contingency plans, proposed new or amended regulations, and legislation related to our Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA 90) mandates.

The Protocol committee’s primary endeavor is to review contingency plans for the regulated crude oil industry in Cook Inlet. Contingency plan content must follow specific criteria set out in state and federal statutes and regulations. CIRCAC participated in developing Alaska’s Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan (ODPCP or C-Plan) regulations and by legislative authority, is a named C-Plan reviewer. Along with required state and federal agencies, we receive a copy of C-Plans for review, evaluate each C-plan, and develop comments and recommendations to the State of Alaska for consideration prior to that C-Plan’s approval.

Contingency plans, proposed new regulations, and amendments to existing regulations are opportunities for CIRCAC–representing public stakeholder concerns and interests–to directly effect change and help guide the direction for safer crude oil exploration, production, and transportation within Alaska’s, and the nation’s, regulatory framework(s).

Council Members

  • Chair- Robert Peterkin, II
  • Vice Chair – Bob Flint
  • Rob Lindsey
  • Deric Marcorelle
  • Paul A. Shadura, II
  • Gary Fandrei, Alternate

Staff Contact: Steve “Vinnie” Catalano, Director of Operations, (907) 283-7222

Administrative Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and two members elected at large. The committee holds most of the authority of the full Council, and meets regularly between full Council meetings to maintain continuity.

Council Members

  • President- John Williams
  • Vice President- Robert Peterkin, II
  • Secretary/Treasurer- Gary Fandrei
  • Director- Bob Flint
  • Director- Deric Marcorelle

Audit Committee

A subcommittee of the Executive, the Audit Committee serves as the administrative and financial oversight arm of the Council. Chaired by the Secretary/Treasurer, the Audit Committee undertakes an annual review of By Laws and Council and Personnel Policies. In addition, Audit reviews the annual independent financial audit and makes recommendations to the Council Board of Directors pertaining to any needed adjustments to operating practices. Along with the Treasurer, it consists of two Board members and one alternate Board member. This committee meets on an as needed basis.

Council Members

  • Chair- Gary Fandrei
  • Molly McCammon
  • Grace Merkes
  • Robert Peterkin, II

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee is charged with reviewing applications of Interest Group organizations, recommending the eligibility of organizations for membership, and oversees the process for nominations and elections or appointments of Directors. It consists of the Vice President, two Board members and one alternate Board member.

Council Members

  • Chair- Robert Peterkin, II
  • Gary Fandrei
  • Grace Merkes
  • Michael Opheim (Alternate)

Staff Contact: Maddie Jamora – Director of Administration, (907) 283-7222


Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee helps administer our annual scholarship program, which distributes financial aid to students in our area of concern. Two memorial scholarships focused on environmental science and maritime studies are intended to advance the mission of CIRCAC by contributing to the continued education of area students with an interest in those fields of study related to the Council’s work.


  • Carla Stanley
  • Capt. Bob Pawlowski
  • Rick Frederic

Staff Contact: Shaylon Cochran – Director of Communications and Public Outreach, (907) 283-7222