New Tsunami maps discussed at Cook inlet harbor safety committee

CIRCAC staff attended the most recent Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee meeting on April 26th

Director of Operations Steve ‘Vinnie’ Catalano updated the Committee on the Harbor Safety Working Group.

The committee heard a pair of presentations, including the Marine Exchange Alaska Operations Brief from Captain Chris Coutu. The committee learned about the mission and partnerships of the Marine Exchange of Alaska. Capt. Cohu provided a brief history of and services provided through the Marine Exchange as well as the management and operational benefits available and how use of these attributes can be used to deconflict maritime use, provide environmental data, minimize impact to wildlife, and assist vessels in distress.

Dr. BarrettSalisbury, a geologist with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources and Dave Snider, Tsunami Coordinator for the National Tsunami Warning Center briefed the committee on new tsunami inundation maps that update the potential risk for tsunamis in Cook Inlet. 

The models draw on data collected through studies of past earthquakes and other tsunami-causing events, and consider a number of factors that all inform the most current tsunami warnings and procedures. 

For more about the Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee and updated tsunami warnings and maps, visit here.