Note: Materials produced during drills and exercises will be posted here. These may include spill scenarios, media releases, situation reports, maps, statements and other emergency information that are being produced and disseminated by the Joint Information Center for the drill, not as part of an actual event.

2018 Upcoming Drills

  • June 6 Hilcorp Cook Inlet Spill Exercise
  • June 7 Harvest Midstream Spill Exercise

Tesoro Alaska & Tesoro Logistics IMT Tabletop Exercise Scenario DRILL

November 2, 2017–Tank 2407 Crude Discharge-Area 3 operator reports a Lattice Crane fell onto a North East side of Tank 2407. The dike wall has been damaged and product is flowing onto the roadway. The tank contains 225,000 barrels of North Slope Crude Oil.



2017-11-02 INITIAL HOLDING STATEMENT KPL 2017 _final approved

Hilcorp Drift River Oil Terminal Drill Scenario

April 26, 2017 –There is an unexplained catastrophic rupture of Tanks 3 and 4 inside the tank farm overnight at Drift River Terminal. The facility wakes up and starts work at 04:30 and finds oil has made its way to the Industrial Building. The majority of the crude oil is contained within the lined secondary containment, but a significant amount of crude oil escapes secondary containment and spreads down the storm water drainage ditches, south and southeast of the containment area. Crude oil does make its way to the water so this will be an on land and on water response.

2017-04-26 Drift River Terminal Tank Rupture – Press Release 2

2017-04-26 Drift River Terminal Tank Rupture – Press Release 1