Cook Inlet Risk Assessment invites public comments on final recommendations

The CIRA Advisory Panel met earlier this month to review and discuss their final recommended risk reduction options for the Cook Inlet Risk Assessment. The recommendations (listed below and described in the draft final report) include both new initiatives and efforts that should be continued or enhanced.

Public comments on the draft report are invited until COB, Friday – September 26.  You may download the report from the Cook Inlet Risk Assessment project website:

Please submit all comments to the following email address:

CIRA Risk Reduction Options:

1. Construct subsea pipeline across Cook Inlet
2. Establish Harbor Safety Committee
3. Sustain/enhance training for pilots, captains, and crew
4. Harbormasters notify U.S. Coast Guard of unsafe vessels, and identify and communicate facility or equipment limits to all users
5. Maintain project depth at Knik Arm
6. Expand cellular and very high frequency (VHF) radio coverage
7. Use AIS broadcasts to enhance situational awareness
8. Conduct third party inspections of workboats
9. Enhance emergency towing
10. Enhance vessel self-arrest
11. Promulgate federal non-tank vessel response planning regulations
12. Update and improve Subarea Contingency Plan
13. Continue to improve oil spill response equipment as proven options are developed.