Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee meets

The Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee (CIHSC) met virtually on March 10th. The committee connects environmental, marine and business interests in the region and, with a focus on maritime safety, shares some common goals with CIRCAC.


“It’s been great to see this group come together,” said Michael Munger, CIRCAC Executive Director and Secretary/Treasurer for the CIHSC Managing Board. “This committee serves as a forum for maritime operators to collaborate and ensure the highest standards of safety in navigation and we’re proud to be a part of that effort.”


The committee heard several reports, including an update on the Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Plan (HSP) Workgroup from Steve “Vinnie” Catalano, CIRCAC’s Director of Operations and CIHSC committee member, and also approved edits to the HSP. Developed and updated since 2016, the HSP is an example of the kind of resource that can be produced within the framework of CIHSC.


CIHSC has been around since 2015 based on recommendations from the Cook Inlet Risk Assessment, steadily building its membership and creating partnerships that are intended to enhance marine safety and environmental stewardship. By working as a forum with a diverse member base, the committee is developing standards and best practices in addition to providing a resource network for operators in Cook Inlet.


Learn more about the Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Committee here.