Committee Chairs, Vice-Chairs elected

A big part of conducting regular Council business, even in times that are anything but regular, is committee elections. This month, elections were held for the PROPS and Protocol committees. Choosing experienced, qualified committee leadership is an invaluable part of the continued success of CIRCAC.


We are pleased to announce returning leaders to two of our committees:

PROPS Committee Chair: Bob Flint

PROPS Committee Vice-Chair: Jim McHale


Protocol Committee Chair: Robert Peterkin

Protocol Committee Vice-Chair: Bob Flint


The Prevention, Response, Operations and Safety (PROPS) Committee’s main focus is to review and assess measures designed to prevent oil spills and preparedness for responding to, cleaning up and mitigating the impacts of oil spills.

The PROPS Committee saw one of its valuable public members step down at the last Committee meeting with the resignation of Mr. Steve Lufkin, who has served on the committee since 2013. Interested parties may contact Jerry Rombach at for consideration to fill a full three-year term.

The Protocol Committee does the technical work of reviewing contingency plans or C-Plans, for the regulated crude oil industry in Cook Inlet. The Protocol Committee also reviews and develops comments regarding proposed state and federal legislation and rules/regulations that have been presented for public comments.