CIRCAC holds annual meeting

The CIRCAC Board of Directors met virtually and held its annual meeting on April 8th. We received from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. Tim Robertson of Nuka Research announced forthcoming updates to our 10-year Vessel Traffic Study, last updated in 2020. Lori Nelson from Hilcorp and Todd Duke from Resolve Marine each provided operational updates and presentations.

Other updates came from Graham Wood from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, detailing the department’s plans for unit realignment that will add a Western Region for state regulators while separating Kodiak Island and Cook Inlet for management. Jonathan Schick from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources gave the board an update on preliminary natural gas exploration activities in the Susitna Valley and announced that work for potential geothermal permitting is beginning for St. Augustine Island.

CIRCAC Executive Director Michael Munger provided a report and update on the US Coast Guard Alternative Planning Compliance issue and recent federal legislative changes that he has been following in Washington D.C. He plans to continue his involvement working with Senator Sullivan’s staff on the Senate’s version of the legislation. The Council unanimously voiced support for his continued efforts.

The Board also adopted resolutions recognizing Representative Don Young, who passed in April, for his longtime support of CIRCAC and Molly McCammon, who has represented the Municipality of Anchorage on the Council since 2004 including terms as Board President and chair of the Environmental Monitoring Committee. McCammon was also named CIRCAC’s 2015 Glen Glenzer Volunteer of the Year. The MOA has appointed Hans Rodvik as its new representative on the Board and we very much look forward to working with Mr. Rodvik in the coming years to advance the mission of CIRCAC.

Our next meeting is scheduled for September and its location will be announced at a later date.