CIRCAC granted federal recertification

On August 28th, we were notified that the U.S. Coast Guard had approved CIRCAC’s application for recertification.

This triennial recertification required a public comment period, for which dozens of comments supporting CIRCAC were submitted from industry and regulatory partners, municipalities and a variety of regional interest groups. CIRCAC’s record for recertification from the USCG remains unblemished going into its 31st year of operations.

“There’s a lot of work we’re proud of going back now more than 30 years, but gaining that certification each year is one of the most important accomplishments,” said executive director Michael Munger. “Without certification by the Coast Guard, CIRCAC can’t continue doing its work on behalf of Cook Inlet’s citizens.”

Nearly 40 comments were submitted from the general public and our partners in industry and state agencies.

“Our record for recertification is really a reflection of good working relationships we’ve established over the years with local, state and federal agencies as well as a diverse group of regional stakeholders that are at the center of what we do,” Munger said.

Thanks to everyone who took time to submit comments.